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Yara's commitment to Digital

For over a century, Yara has worked to feed the world, and our mission is to do so in a responsible and sustainable way. Digital Farming has been created within Yara to use digital solutions to help us achieve this goal, by building tools to help farmers use our products more efficiently and by creating business models that make our products more accessible.

There are more than 500 million smallholder farms globally with at least 2 billion people depending on them for their livelihoods. Within Yara Digital Farming, the Smallholder Solution teams and are developing digital tools with the focus on increasing productivity through optimal crop nutrition. The end goal is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers everywhere in a sustainable manner.

Yara is now implementing solutions to support farmers to drive small holder profitability in India, with focus on the channel and ensuring farmers get access to the best inputs for their productivity and profitability. Through utilization of digital platforms, as well as Yara’s significant market presence and footprint, the solutions are taken to the farmers and retailers in an integrated way to ensure best practice and support.


The first solution launched was farmweather which offers hyper-local weather insights across India, now with more than 2.5 million users in less than a year. farmweather gives weather advice on a daily basis on the specific farm, with options to have multiple locations and a two forward forecast too. Due to extensive user research and constant development, farmweather is the number one free weather app on Google Play Store for 2020.


farmcare is our new farmer focused solution which delivers advice to India’s rice farmers throughout the full crop cycle. This includes all aspects of support in planning, during and harvesting the crop. Rice farmers get access to fertilizer recommendations, weather updates, agronomic best practices based on crop stage and even a direct line to Yara agronomists for advice on visual problems being seen in the field. Through farmcare the farmers can improve yield and quality based on their own fields an local conditions in a dynamic way.

Yara Connect

Yara Connect is a solution for retailers, giving knowledge content relevant to their business and importantly for their farmers. Delivering real-time content, Yara Connect empowers the retailers in being the experts in advising the farmers and sharing key updates regarding the current situation in the region. Available in eight languages already, Yara Connect aims to close the knowledge gap at the point of sale and build the retail business in a sustainable way.

Yara Digital Farming in India will continue to innovate and implement value adding solutions to all stakeholders in the agricultural value chains for improved farmer livelihoods and thriving communities. Yara will drive knowledge delivery through user friendly tools and services, with the farmer profitability top of the mind.

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