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Samunnati Launches FPOnEXT- India’s First Open Agri Network

The membership programme will offer the agri ecosystem a host of financial and non-financial benefits.

Samunnati, a specialized Agri Value Chain enabler announced the launch of India’s first Open Agri Network, FPOnEXT - an exclusive network of entities that are working with the FPO ecosystem via an affiliation programme, which offers unique benefits to the members, on 23rd June 2021. The network aims to enable FPOs and the ecosystem to go to the next level, by providing access to financial solutions, market linkages, value added services, technology interventions and other on-tap services. The members of the network while being primarily FPOs and Federations of FPOs, Samunnati also endeavors to bring in other players like Resource Institutions, POPIs, Training & Capacity Building Institutions and other eco-system players who are committed to FPOs and Small Holder Farmers.

In line with Samunnati’s vision to enable agri value chains to operate at higher equilibriums and make markets work for smallholder farmers, the company aims to foster the FPO engagement to NEXT LEVEL through this network and hence titled FPOnEXT.

By availing membership at zero cost, FPOs will receive several benefits such as pre-sanctioned loan, complementary assessment and feedback from Samunnati through their grading and engagement tool, as well as access to crop, daily weather alerts, market prices and a dedicated call centre. There will also be focused effort to bring in customised insurance products to the members of FPOnEXT. In addition to this, Samunnati will directly as well as in collaboration with other reputed institutions extend training sessions to FPOs on aspects related to Governance, Statutory Compliance and Business Management.

On the launch, Mr. Anil Kumar SG, Founder and CEO, Samunnati said, “At Samunnati, we have always been committed to focus on FPOs and their members. Building FPOs as viable and sustainable Institutions is an integral part of this endeavor. With the launch of FPOnEXT, we seek to deliver a bouquet of products to FPOs in a more structured manner, aligning to the goals and mission of growth of the agricultural ecosystem.”

Sharing his views, Mr. Pravesh Sharma, Director, Samunnati Agro Solutions said “As India ushers in Agri 4.0, it has become imperative for the industry to create mechanisms which can solve the challenges of FPOs and smallholder farmers across the value chain. We are excited to work with stakeholders across the industry in the coming months and look forward to helping the FPO community reap the benefits of this initiative.”

Samunnati has been working closely with FPOs, AEs and other agri stakeholders and creating an enabling ecosystem ever since its inception and has recently launched Agri-Elevate and Samaarambh in the year 2020. Agri Elevate being a first-of-its-kind ecosystem platform offering unified platform across the agri value chain to connecting FPOs and Agri-Enterprises. Thereby, helping them fulfill all their service needs and in turn, actively spearheading digital transformation in the agriculture industry. And Samaarambh, an Agri Startup Engagement Platform, aim at providing solutions to prime challenges faced by the startups, directly or indirectly benefitting the true stakeholder of the Agri ecosystem, the small holder farmers.

About Samunnati

The term ‘Samunnati’ means ‘collective growth, collective prosperity, collective elevation’. Started in 2014 as the only specialized Agri Value Chain enabler, the organization is steered by one vision ‘to make market work for the smallholder farmers’ by making the value chains operate at a higher equilibrium. The organization leverages on ‘social’ and ‘trade’ capital to offer customized financial solutions to stakeholders across the agri value chain. Samunnati’s growth-oriented approach, known as AMLA [Aggregation, Market Linkages and Advisory services] empowers the agricultural community by helping them build better market linkages and using relevant technology and skills for growth. Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Samunnati has its presence in more than 100 agri value chains (including pilot) spread over 21 states in India.

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