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"Samaarambh"- Samunnati’s Agri Startup Engagement Platform

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Samunnati launched an Agri Startup Engagement Platform – “Samaarambh” on August 15th, 2020, with the aim to integrate and enhance capabilities of Agri startups and Agtech players that are innovating solutions in the fields of fintech, mechanization, IoT, Value added services, warehousing and storage, inputs, advisory and other offerings to benefit the agriculture ecosystem. Samunnati seeks to enable the new age enterprises and ecosystem players in their journey to make Agri value chains work at a higher equilibrium by providing a suite of bespoke financial and non-financial solutions that will enable to take these entities to the next orbit of growth and foster innovation in the Agri sector. Since its launch, 100+ Agri startups have connected to Samunnati through Samaarambh for various engagements.

Samunnati takes a value chain-based approach for all its agriculture solutions. Samunnati being an ecosystem player is well positioned to work with the start-up space by providing access to innovative and customised financial and non-financial solutions. As an ‘Agri value chain’ solution provider, Samunnati, through Startup engagements, recognises the potential in the success of the mission in making markets work for small holder farmers.

On the inputs side, these include access to quality and timely inputs at a reasonable price, access to stable and affordable energy, access to water and access to technology & good agricultural practices. On the output side includes access to storage facilities, appropriate market linkages, packaging, processing & marketing facilities. Access to these facilities is key to improving cropping patterns & crop diversification, soil health, agricultural productivity & output, reduced pre & post-harvest crop losses and food waste. This can create a transformational impact on the agriculture sector and farmer livelihoods/incomes. They are also critical to increasing the resilience of smallholder farmers to the risks associated with climate change and related disruptions.

Start-ups are emerging in Indian agriculture landscape with a mission to address key gaps in market. There are fundamental issues in Indian agriculture that hinder the growth of the sector and development of sustainable livelihoods for small-holder farmers.

The start-up space is addressing the pressing issues in the agriculture sector by bringing in the core competencies, product development capabilities and innovations. India, at present is witnessing an increase in private sector initiatives from start-ups and nascent SMEs that are focused on agricultural innovations and technology. These are incubated by qualified & skilled entrepreneurs from professional backgrounds who have entered this space to create a social impact. However, these early-stage entities face significant challenges in access to finance and markets and require external support for growth.

To provide the Agri startups with best of engagements with Samunnati, Samaarambh is a platform that welcomes all start-ups in agriculture space and aims at enabling them, through three types of prime engagements- Financial Solutions, Advisory and, Solution Deployment and Market Linkage. These engagements are solutions to prime challenges faced by the startups:

  • Financial Solutions- Innovative and customised debt solutions for the Agri startups to assist them in building and to make markets work for small holder farmers

  • Advisory Solutions- Customised advisory solutions to Agri startups by pioneers and most experienced personalities at each stage of their development, to ensure their growth

  • Solution Deployment and Market Linkage- Incubate partnerships to add value to all stakeholders and foster long term mutually benefitting trade relationships

The platform and the offerings aim at providing solutions to prime challenges faced by the startups, directly or indirectly benefitting the true stakeholder of the Agri ecosystem, the small holder farmers.

Samunnati aspires to develop such win-win partnerships between innovators and consumers for their mutual benefit and that of the overall ecosystem. The engagement of startups with Samunnati’s Samaarambh would foster innovation in the Agri sector and take innovations to smallholder farmers, helping value chains work at a higher equilibrium.

For more information, please visit: or watch a short theme video:

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