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Premier Irrigation Adritec Private Limited (PIAL)

About PIAL

Premier Irrigation® has been an integral part of India’s micro-irrigation development, the Company is known for its unrivaled experience of over 50 years as a pioneer in the manufacturing of modern irrigation equipment and systems in India. In 2008, it entered into a joint venture with the Jordan-based Adritec Group International (AGI) and thus became Premier Irrigation Adritec™ (PIAL). Decades of expertise and the pioneering spirit of the former coupled with the considerable global experience in irrigation equipment of the latter means that PIAL brings to customers the best of both worlds and a continuing commitment to maintaining quality, performance and service.

The company’s journey in fact began in 1965 when – alongside the start of manufacturing – it also took up a large-scale nationwide demonstration programme to introduce Indian farmers and planters to the benefits of controlled irrigation that could save water and boost yields. Traditional planters of tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom saw the benefits and started to install irrigation systems for the first time. In agriculture, however, the financial position of farmers demanded a different solution if micro-irrigation was to be taken up on a large scale. At the same time, government and institutional thinking were moving away from large dams and surface irrigation that had been the decades-old solution to providing irrigation facilities. The resolution of this new methodology and fulfilling farmer needs was accomplished by the Indian Government introducing a subsidy scheme for micro-irrigation that has grown into today’s programme with millions of acres under micro-irrigation.

Few of our Success Stories

Dhanpal Tukaram – Farm In-Charge (Amgaon, Maharashtra)

“Earlier, I used to flood irrigate – it used to take a lot of time and water was also wasted. But now, after adopting the PIAL drip system I am able to save water and time, and also bring down labor expenses.”

Ramchandraiah – Groundnut farmer (Jalalpuram, Andhra Pradesh)

“We have been using the PIAL sprinkler system since the past 3 years and we are earning a good profit. With flood irrigation I would not get more than 10 bags of groundnut crop, but after adopting PIAL’s sprinkler system I have started getting 18-20 bags.

Bhupesh Harimkhede – Barbati farmer (Amgon, Maharashtra)

“I have been using PIAL’s system since 3 years now. The crop yield has increased 1.5 times with the drip system. The thickness of PIAL’s drip line is better than that of the others available in the market so it lasts longer as well. Our income has increased and I can now invest in another 15 acre plot!”

Vijayabhaskar Reddy – Tomato farmer (Jammuladinne, Andhra Pradesh)

“Earlier, I used to get a yield of 4 to 5 tons of tomatoes. Now, after adopting PIAL’s system, the yield has increased to 8 to 10 tons. Beyond that, I am also getting good field support from PIAL’s staff and dealers!”

Narasimha Reddy – Banana farmer (Madhahalpalli, Andhra Pradesh)

“Earlier, the yield I would get was not very good. But now, after adopting the PIAL drip system the yield has greatly improved and my income per acre has also gone up substantially. With this extra income, I have purchased another 5 acres of land and I am also able to send my brother to an engineering college!”

Product Range

- Sprinkler

An irrigation sprinkler (also known as a water sprinkler or simply a sprinkler) is a device used to irrigate agricultural crops, lawns, landscapes, golf courses, and other areas

- Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation system that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface. The goal is to place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation.


HDPE pipe is a type of flexible plastic pipe used for fluid and gas transfer and is often used to replace aging concrete or steel mains pipelines. Made from the thermoplastic HDPE, its high level of impermeability and strong molecular bond make it suitable for high-pressure pipelines

- Pumps

Irrigation pumps are used to pump water from a lower to a higher level from which the water then flows through channels to the fields requiring irrigation or to raise it to the required pressure head so that it can be sprayed on the fields via piping systems.

Over the years PIAL has had many achievements to its name, including being the first to manufacture an inline dripline in India and for some time the only manufacturer of both cylindrical and flat emitter inline driplines. In sprinkler irrigation, the development of the ultra-high-pressure HDPE piping systems for arduous duty in tea and coffee plantations was pioneered in India by PIAL.

In foreign markets, many developing agricultural economies benefit from PIAL’s practical experience based on the very wide range of crops irrigated in India with its diverse climatic and soil conditions and the need for practical and economic solutions. PIAL works with local farmers to find a solution to their needs and ensure success drawing upon its comprehensive range of equipment, experience and expertise.

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