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Praman.Ai Brings to the World a Game-Changing Horticulture & Agri Trading Exchange

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Horticulture is a massive $1.6 Tn market globally with 80 Mn growers with India being the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables and the largest producer of spices in the world. However, on a closer look, we can see how the horticulture industry is ridden with information asymmetry that leads to an annual trade loss of $300 million. While large commodity exchanges do exist globally, however, they do not list horticulture commodities. This is mainly due to horticulture commodities being highly perishable, having a short shelf life and given the lack of objective quality standardisation within a highly fragmented supply chain.

Praman.Ai, launched in August 2021, is an exchange platform exclusively for horticulture and fresh produce, introducing to the world - the largest horticulture exchange with the most advanced digital

quality solutions. Powered by Intello Labs’ patented core technology that uses AI, computer vision and machine learning, Praman.Ai facilitates e-auctions, spot trading, and reverse auctions of horticulture commodities including Onion, Cardamom, Apples, Garlic etc.

Our core IP visually assays the quality of fruits, vegetables and spices for grading and sorting based

on size, colour, defects, etc at every stage of the value chain, mitigating the need to manually assess

commodities and removing the scope of subjectivity.

This revolutionary exchange platform has been built on the foundation of converting farmyards into

digital market yards with end-to-end traceability, based on three key pillars:

- Trade Discovery: Providing access to a digital platform that enables fair price discovery and

strong market linkage by driving geographic expansion and market outreach for buyers and


- Quality Assurance: Enables digital spot quality assessments on trade accepted parameters

that are instant and accurate at every stage of the supply chain.

- Trade Settlements: Access to an integrated full-stack array of services including logistics,

warehousing, payments and credit facilitation for its users to seamlessly execute trade


By bringing technology to the smallest of the farmers, Praman doesn’t just boost their income but

also empowers all farmers, traders, and consumers of the agriculture industry with digitalisation and

sustainability across the globe. This has resulted in Praman.Ai becoming the trusted exchange for

50,000+ growers and 130+ FPC’s, FPO’s, Cooperatives across 85+ districts along with 700+

partnerships that include support engines like NITI Aayog, NAFED, the Spice Board of India, AP

MARKFED, J&K Horticulture Board, etc.

On a broader scope, with and its technology, the world will save over US$ 300 Bn

annually in wasted horticulture produce. This would help the planet by helping it become sustainable

and make an impact in every person’s life and their fundamental need - food.

In the wide-scale adoption of digital trade in fresh produce, Praman has the potential to disrupt how

horticulture and Agri -commodities are traded the world over thus revolutionizing a Trillion-Dollar

produce trade economy.

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