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Innovator Spotlight: Stellapps Technologies

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Enabling productivity, quality and traceability through a connected dairy 

India is the largest milk producer in the world and milk is the largest crop in India. But, milk productivity in India is the only 1/9th of the USA. Though the milk production in indigenous cattle is low, lack of preventive healthcare, reproduction management and proper nutrition also contributes to the issue. Lack of access to formal financial services like banking, credit and cattle insurance keep smallholder farmers from scaling up. The milk supply chain is fraught with inefficiencies from improper milk quality testing, rampant adulteration and inefficient cold chain. 

Stellapps was founded with the vision of transforming the Indian dairy sector through technology. Stellapps employs IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud-based solutions to enable end to end dairy digitization. Stellapps drives digitization in the dairy industry through its smartMoo solution. 

The smartMoo solution acts as a comprehensive digital access network to connect all stakeholders on to a single collaborative platform. The smartMoo platform integrates the different players in the dairy sector - milk processing companies, Dept. of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, feed fodder companies and ecosystem enablers like financial institutions, insurance service providers etc. When all these players come on board on a single platform, what results is easy sharing of information this enables trust and transactions. 

The smartMoo platform comprises of Stellapps’ 

- farm solution (mooOn) which is a ‘Fitbit’ for cow plus a mobile application and tracks animal activity; 

- fintech solution (mooPay) which enables direct farmer payments and loans to farmers; 

- livestock insure-tech solution (mooKare); 

- procurement solution (smartAMCU, smartCC) which enables efficient, transparent and traceable milk collection and 

- cold chain monitoring solution (ConTrak) which keeps milk fresh in the cold chain. 

The smartMoo platform can thus enable the provision of key services to farmers. Let’s consider how the platform can transform the dairy ecosystem -

1. Farmer loans 

Stellapps applications collect and analyse information on animal health, milk pouring etc. Based on this information an improved mechanism to assess farmers’ creditworthiness (mooScore) is possible. mooPay solution can help farmers get easy loans which they can repay by pouring milk to the dairy. 

2. Livestock insurance 

mooOn tracks the real-time animal activity which enables real-time monitoring of the insured asset, improved risk assessment and elimination of fraud. The provision of innovative insurance products like sachet insurance, differential premium etc. are also made possible. 

3. Dairy farming 

Apart from gaining access to credit and insurance, farmers can also enjoy other extension services. Nutrition advisory based on the cattle health and reproduction cycle becomes possible. mooOn helps alert farmers, vets/para vets when the cow goes into heat or falls sick. This enables AI (Artificial Insemination) at the right time and preventive healthcare. Better nutrition and healthcare will result in higher farm productivity, lower maintenance cost and better milk quality. 

4. Dairy operations 

Through the smartMoo platform, the dairy can monitor milk procurement, transportation and chilling in real-time. This leads to efficient operations, prevention of adulteration and increased profitability. 

5. Consumers 

Premium quality, safe and traceable milk is what is delivered to the consumers when digitization is enabled at each node of the supply chain. 

The smartMoo platform thus weaves a network of milk which connects different stakeholders to realize productivity, quality and traceability. 

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