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In this article, Government of New South Wales outlines the NSW DPI – India Ag-tech Exchange program

The NSW DPI – India Ag-tech Exchange program focused on building bilateral relationships with India Ag-tech companies in an attempt to improve the productivity and profitability of NSW agribusiness based on mutual interests and emerging opportunities.

The program was funded through the NSW Government Premiers $1.58m partnership between NSW and India to enhance the State’s technology, agriculture and advanced manufacturing sectors. The Ag-tech start / scale up tech companies were interested in exploring opportunities in India to scale their businesses globally. The exchange provided valuable opportunities to learn about the market requirements from different perspectives, and allowed participants to expand their networks. Introduction to major companies like IBM Weather Company, Mahindra, ITC and Rallis TATA will aid the companies in accessing the most progressive allies in India.

The selected startups in the 2019 program include:

Agriscan - Electronic ID tags allow farmers to move from mob based averages to Individual Animal Management. The readers can read multiple animals simultaneously for fast and accurate counting.

Agtrix - trusted supply chain systems for the agricultural industry from harvest management to onbound logistics

Collaborative Process Unit - allows early detection of pest or disease infestation and damage using advanced sensors, software and data analytics

Flurosat - world's most scalable, predictive agronomic analytics engine

Solution Blue - developing sustainable agriculture systems like bug farming and aquaponics for a smarter farming future

Also of note is the announcement of the inaugural Grand Challenge

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and leading thinkers from business, industry and academia will join forces to work through some of the complexities facing modern agriculture, at the inaugural DPI Grand Challenge.

This is the first in a series of Global Challenges that will take place over the next four years, designed to help address the big issues facing primary industries. 

NSW DPI’s Group Director Business Development and Innovation, Bruce Finney, said the first Grand Challenge will build a network of organisations to advance the understanding of traceability and identify innovative solutions for food traceability.

“We’re constantly searching for new and better ways of doing things – that’s why we’re bringing together groups of expert collaborators to ambitiously solve complex questions,” said Mr Finney.  

“In this first challenge, we’re focusing on food traceability; for example, how do we build a traceability system that meets the needs of today and helps position Australian agriculture to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities?

“Increasingly consumers around the world are demanding to know more about the products they buy, including information about food safety, pest and disease risk, provenance, environmental sustainability, authenticity and animal welfare.

“A strong traceability system helps us provide the information that consumers are seeking, helps us showcase the origins and quality of our produce, enhances trust in Australian products and providing our farmers with a competitive advantage.”

The Grand Challenge program aligns with the goals of the DPI’s 2019-23 Strategic Plan, the transformational outcomes envisaged under its 2050 principles, as well as its objectives to improve innovation and increase the impact of R&D through public and private partnerships.

The DPI Online Grand Challenge will be launched on the 15 November 2019 and more information can be found at

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