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FIL Industries- A Leading Unifying Element Between the Source Of The Product And The Final Customer

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Established in 1989, FIL Industries Private Limited has emerged as a trusted name in the agribusiness

ecosystem in India. Its comprehensive and dependable offerings of crop protection products, food and

beverages and warehouse division have facilitated its position as a leading unifying element between

the source of the product and the final customer of the agriculture sector.

FIL Industries’ manufacturing unit in Jammu

FIL’s extensive range of crop-protection products includes a gamut of insecticides, pesticides,

herbicides, and plant growth generators. These offerings have been developed after decades of

research and dedicated efforts with the local stakeholders to understand and address their specific

needs. Equipped with state-of-the-art resources and a committed team of experts, the organization

takes pride in ensuring timely availability and delivery of high-quality products to even the remotest

section of its consumer base. Its manufacturing units have been sourced from the finest technologies

and solutions available in the world today and its strategic distribution network enhances the seamless

customer experience.

The business conglomerate not only focuses on the pre-harvest aspect of the agriculture industry, but

also offers post-harvest agri facilities and services. It is the top three companies in India to have invested in the development of post-harvest management systems and has been the leader in bringing the CA storage technology to India. Its CA storage facility features a capacity of 10,000 MT, with its own stateof-art packing and grading line. The facility is centrally located at Srinagar, in Jammu & Kashmir in close proximity to the main fruit growing areas. The CA storage facilities are a key component towards the

establishment of a well-organized cold chain, which is a pre-requisite to ensuring the supply of high

quality of fruits and vegetables to the market.

FIL’s state of the art fruit grading and sorting line in Kashmir

Being based in J&K, which is one of the largest manufacturers of apples in India, backed with state-ofthe-art machinery and entrepreneurial acumen has helped FIL Industries to become the largest

manufacturer of apple juice concentrate and the only manufacturer of ionized and de-ionized apple

aroma in India. The plant in Srinagar is a hallmark of technological excellence commissioned with

machinery imported from Austria, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom with a capacity of 7500 MT.

The unit consists of an end-to-end facility and mechanism, which includes apple sorting facility, a

production area, apple milling unit, enzyme dosing machinery, primary and secondary pressing

machines and a juice pasteurisation machine. To ensure consistency in quality, the plant also features

an in-house micro lab and a physiochemical lab. It offers its juice concentrate to several renowned

names in the domestic and international market.

As part of its retail F&B offering, FIL also offers its in-house manufactured and marketed ready to drink

juice brand in several flavours in J&K, Ladakh, Punjab, and Haryana in tetra paks under the brand FruitFil

and PET bottles along with packaged drinking water – 7 Springs. Furthermore, FIL also is part of a

strategic alliance with Monarch Beverages of France, under which it offers Acute Fruit Energiser, a fruitbased ready to drink energizer and Acute Balance, a ready to drink juice with vitamins in 3 exciting


FIL’s F&B production unit in Kashmir

FIL Industries Private Limited’s leadership and innovation in a gamut of offerings which feature crop

protection chemicals, cold storage facility for fruits and vegetables, and food & beverages, are a

testimony of its unique character i.e. a fully integrated company in the agri-consumer value chain.

To know more about FIL Industries, you can visit their website and follow their

social media handles.


Instagram: @filindustries

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