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Dvara E-Dairy – Improving the Livelihood of Every Small and Medium Dairy Farmers

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Dairy is the single-largest agricultural commodity in India. It contributes five per cent to the national economy and employs eight crores farmers directly. Dairy farming provides livelihood to 2/3rd of rural community. India’s cattle inventory amounted to over 53.5 crores as per the 20th Livestock Census.

Dvara E-Dairy Solutions Private Limited is a start-up focused on solving the problems of small and marginal dairy farmers by building an ecosystem platform. It deploys new-age technologies and provides access and scale in financial services and cattle management services. The Dvara E-Dairy solution aims to create synergy between dairy farmers, financial services institutions, and value chain companies to assist them in making informed decisions.

We are a portfolio company of Dvara Holdings (formerly Dvara Trust) as part of Dvara Venture Studio cohort that Dvara Holdings is pioneering into being the premier start-up partner in India for entrepreneurs working towards large-scale systemic change in financial inclusion.


To facilitate profitable growth for small and marginal dairy farmers and becoming the leading trusted platform in the USD 140 Bn Indian dairy economy by providing suitable new age digital solutions and access to financial and value chain markets.

Our Solutions

Surabhi ID

Muzzle pattern, like fingerprint in humans, is unique to each bovine. Surabhi ID, the muzzle-based identity technology launched by Dvara e-Dairy Solutions provides verifiable identity during the lifetime of the bovine and up to certain hours after death. The solution helps to maintain exact count of bovines, achieve traceability, and deliver benefits through various programmes and products. The solution has been independently validated by policy makers, research institutes, insurers, and other players in the dairy economy on the accuracy and user experience.

One of the use cases is, insurance for cattle. In the last few years, insurers relied on ear tags and injectable RFID tags for identification of the bovine. These solutions have shortcomings - easily tampered, expensive and invasive. Surabhi ID provides an easier solution — with just a smartphone and an Artificial Intelligence driven mobile application — to onboard and verify the bovine accurately. This is critical to track productivity, health management and avoid duplication of the asset while offering financial services.

Pashu Arogya Pathra (PAP)

Pashu Arogya Pathra (PAP) is a unique digital tool that helps small dairy farmers to solve a few pertinent problems by collecting cattle-specific details and images.

The solution helps small dairy farmers to address

- Breeding issues

 - Lack of scientific Feed & Fodder management and

 - Preventive & Primary care

Dvara Surabhi (DS)

Dvara Surabhi (DS) is a unique mobile application developed using the advanced veterinary concepts by leveraging new age technologies.

Using this technology, a dairy farmer can get to know his/her cattle heath status (as an indicator) based on the cattle’s current stage. By providing few cattle specific details and one image, the farmer can know his/her cattle health status (as an indicator) at the click of a button, within a minute. The dairy farmers can download this app from Google Play Store and use it as a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.


- To check the health status based on the stage of the cattle

 - Complement cattle buying or selling decision

 - To know whether the cattle is fed based on scientific feed & fodder management

 - To know the health status of the cattle periodically and alter the feeding accordingly to maintain the health status of the cattle.

- To optimise feeding cost and reduce treatment cost of the cattle

The overwhelming response from the farmers, Dvara Surabhi has more than 500k downloads.

Cattle Loan

Cattle is the most prevalent income generating asset in most of the rural households. The current cattle loan product is more of “personal loan to the dairy farmer” rather than a “true cattle loan”. The Surabhi Loan from Dvara E-Dairy through a combination of Surabhi Score and Credit Score helps to assess the cattle activities and credit history of the borrower and offer true cattle loan. Lending institutions can take informed decisions based on RED/AMBER/GREEN, scientifically arrived cattle value and estimated cash flow for next 12 months.

Small and marginal farmers require dairy loan for the following reasons:

 - Purchasing new cattle

 - Constructing cattle sheds is a must to maintain the cattle

 - To meet the working capital requirement Feed and Fodder costs vary from time-to-time

- Labour costs are high

- To purchase milking equipment

Types of Loan available are:

Dvara Surabhi Loan (DSL)

Dvara Surabhi Loan (DSL) gives the opportunity for the dairy farmers who own more than two cattle. It will help them to buy one or more cattle at affordable rate of interest.

Dvara Surabhi Plus (DSP)

Dvara Surabhi Plus (DSP) or Cattle Maintenance Loan helps the dairy farmers in cattle maintenance. Farmers having more than two cattle can avail of the loan.

Features & Benefits

 - Loan Amount – varies between ₹ 30,000 and ₹ 150,000

- No pre-closure charges

 - Disbursement must be done through borrower’s bank account

 - Repayments are only through digital mode and no cash collection

For more details, visit our website

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