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BharatRohan Airborne Innovations

Updated: Nov 1, 2022


BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private limited, was founded by Mr. Amandeep Panwar and Mr. Rishabh Choudhay on June 17, 2016 to revitalise Indian agriculture and empower farmers to reach their full potential and create a safe food supply chain with their unique UAV based drone technology and provide end to end decision support system.

The founders, while studying aeronautical engineering, operated drones on nearby farmers fields. During their interaction with farmers they came to know that every farmer faced challenges related to soil nutrient deficiency, excess usage of fertilisers, pest and disease attack on crops, which are not detected until there is visible damage in the field. These challenges faced by farmers gave rise to the idea of providing end-to-end decision support system that can provide data for early diagnosis of pest and disease attacks. The founders did more research on hyper-spectral imaging, which is helpful in generating the right data and plays a vital role in early diagnosis of crop issues like pest attacks, disease outbreaks and nutrient deficiencies.

BharatRohan is present in five States - Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat and Karnataka - and manages about 30,000 acres. It provides advisory services to about 6,000 farmers in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. BharatRohan has partnered with farmers, FPOs and FMCG companies to aggregate and distribute of product and services. The company procures produce from its partner farmers and supplies them to major retail chains, FMCG companies and exports them to offer better price to farmers.

Development of product/service

The founders, with their strong technical knowledge, have developed a product that provides data to analyse crop performance, prevent pest attacks and reduce crop losses.

We use UAV drone-based hyper-spectral imagery and end-to-end decision support system to optimise inputs, minimise crop losses and maximise profits. Our technology detects pest and disease attack before the occurrence of symptoms on the crop, generates real time images and creates field maps with timely acquired data through drone technology. We are able to help farmers adopt precision agriculture techniques in their fields and by providing advisory on right chemical and right dosage, we encourage residue-free agriculture commodities production.

Services offered by BharatRohan


Through CropAssure programme we provide advisory related to type of crop to be grown and from the point of sowing to harvesting by monitoring farmers’ field throughout the entire crop cycle.


Through our SeedAssure programme, we provide drone-based hyper-spectral, multispectral and thermal data for seed companies for their high throughput phenotyping experiments and hybrid evaluation trials.


Through the SourceAssure programme, we offer an end-to-end information support system to our contract farming customers regarding traceability and source of procurement by providing a QR code which helps companies know about the inputs used and practices followed during the production cycle.

Stories of Results

BharatRohan has helped mint farmers in Uttar Pradesh reduce overall cost of operation and increase profits by its advisory services. Mint Farmers associated with BharatRohan saved ₹3,600/- per acre by reducing agri inputs and increase in yields from 50kg to 70 kg per acre which resulted in generation of an additional income of around ₹20,000/acre by following package of practices generated by BharatRohan. Mint farmer associated with BharatRohan earned around ₹23,620 more than other farmers.

Farmer Testimonial

"BharatRohan CropAssure service provided me with a ground level support and helps me resolve challenge in every crop growth stage. BharatRohan helped me cultivate exact variety and quality that is demanded by large buyers. This helped me earn better and make our farming profitable."

- Shri Umesh Verma, Barabanki

Our work with India's Food and Ag ecosystem stakeholders in solving their problems

Agriculture is the livelihood for the majority of the Indian population yet the future of Indian agriculture is a very important question for all stakeholders. In the era of digitisation, Indian farmers are still following the traditional practices, we have set our mission to help farmers to integrate technology. We work in different areas to solve the problems of stakeholders.


Through our unique hyper-spectral imaging drone-based decision support system we provide end-to-end services to farmers from seed to harvest including soil testing, early diagnosis of pests and diseases, nutrition deficiency and weather forecast to ensure maximum productivity. We help farmers to adopt IPM and sustainable practices which not only produces residue-free products but also restores the environment. We also provide quality agri inputs to our crop assured farmers addressing lack of access to quality inputs. We also link farmers produce to market ensuring better price for their products.


We provide complete farm traceability through unique farmer QR codes to help our customers trace the farmer, farm activities and inputs used, providing complete transparency with our updated database.


Founders Mr. Amandeep Panwar and Mr. Rishab Choudhary have done their Aeronautical engineering. They featured in Forbes 30U30 (India & Asia 21), Fortune 40U40.

- Contributed by Team BharatRohan

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