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AI-Genix- Redefining crop protection

AI-Enabled next generation insect communication device - BraveHawk


AI-GENIX INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD is an Agtech venture that strenuously works towards sustainable agronomy, aiming to resolve the global crop protection issue. Our business revolves around the environment and sustainable farming technologies development, to achieve the world's food security by minimizing the farmer's dependence on toxic chemicals known for badly polluting the air we breathe in, the water we drink and the soil in which we grow our food. It's been more than two years since we have started working rigorously towards crop protection by delivering some high-quality non-toxic pest control products, enabling farmers to maximize the yield of chemical-free crops worldwide.

What makes us different from others:

  • Research, Science and Technology Involved behind every product invention

  • Our Trustworthy Partnerships with Customers

AI-GENIX INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD in the last two years has evolved as one of the most effective Agtech venture because of its several non-comparable parameters. From prices to Efficiency rate and from repair frequency to high-end technologies involved, we have come out as the best solution providers for the farmers compared to our competitors. We believe in delivering the best solutions for sustainable farming to grow toxic pesticide residue-free crops that ultimately will save millions of lives on this planet.

Startup Journey:

The business idea started with the family background itself. Our families were involved in the farming business. While cultivating various crops on our farm we faced acute insect pests and synthetic pesticide toxicity issues with our farm, farm workers, and dairy animals. These issues made us think about how to solve insect-pest management issues without the use of toxic pesticides. While working we realized that there is no viable and efficient solution available in the market for insect-pest management. From that very moment, we decided to work on environment friendly, nontoxic, agriculture pest management solution to serve the most deprived global farming community by reducing their input cost of crop protection and improving their living condition by minimizing their exposure to highly toxic pesticides. AI-GENIX’S mission is to provide high tech products to the farmers at affordable price to protect their valuable crops from pests and overcome the limitations of existing crop protection solutions available in the market.

AI-GENIX INTERNATIONAL brings social, climate and environmental impact.

- Our ground-breaking crop protection technologies are transforming dynamics of the farming industry globally, enable millions of farmers to produce high-quality, toxic pesticide residue-free food.

- With our products and technologies now, farmers can protect their valuable crops without using plant originated and synthetic toxic chemicals.

- Our IPM solutions drastically reduces cost incurred on crop protection compare conventional crop protection solution.

- Our technology helps to make soil, air, water, food free from toxic chemical contamination.

- Helps to produce toxic residue free safe and healthy food production for wellbeing of living organisms includes humans, animals, and birds as well as total ecosystem.

- Our technology creates an Impact on climate change, global warming and food security issues.

- Our crop protection solutions help to increase the yield by 30% to 90%.

Received Awards and Accolades:

- “SKOCH Merit Award for Top Hundred projects in India”, Skotch Foundation Delhi, 2016

- “Best Indian Social Enterprise Award”, IIT Hyderabad, 2019

- “Best Women Entrepreneur Award”, IIT Hyderabad, 2019


- Finalist of Global Disruptive Tech Challenge 2021, Supported by World Bank

- “Gold medal” on “Indonesia Inventors Day” from World Invention and Technology Expo 2021, Indonesia.

- Winners – “Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) – Chunauti 1.0”, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, GOI, 2021

- “TIE Sustainability Summit Women Social Entrepreneur Award”, TiE Hyderabad, 2021

- Winners of Asia’s Largest Business Model Competition “Eureka 2022”, conducted by E-Cell IIT, Bombay and sponsored by Gulf Islamic Investment, 2022

- Winners of Tide 2.0 Meity scale-up Fund supported by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, 2023

What our farmer says:

"I am a grower of tomatoes and chilies, the chemical pesticides were the only option available to protect the crops, but day by day protecting crop using pesticide becomes very difficult, due to resistance developed by insect pest against most pesticides. Despite spending a significant amount of money, we couldn’t able to manage the damage caused to crop insect-pest infestation. Last year, I deployed five BraveHawk devices on a trial basis on my farm and I found that these devices are quite efficient for crop protection. Now, this year I am buying a greater number of devices to deploy them across my entire farm."- Sudarshan Reddy, Chilly & Tomatoes Grower, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana

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